Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day 8

Weigh-in: 241. 5 pounds (-7.5 pounds)
BMI: 36.7

It's been a week and that means weigh-in time! And...WOW! Down 7.5 pounds. While it's good, I'm also worried about losing weight too quickly. I mean, I'm not starving myself or anything close to it, and I'm eating until I'm satisfied, but my big concern is that if I lose the weight too quickly, I'll rebound and gain the weight back quickly. However, it could just be that my body's reacting to a healthier lifestyle quickly at first and the weight loss will even out. Either way, I'm going to monitor it and see how it's going.

No real change in the photos, at least not that I can tell, but I have a feel that's going to take a lot more time to see a change.

I also had my first experience really going out and drinking with friends since I started. I racked up quite a few calories with drinks last night, but I think it will be ok as long as it's not an everyday habit. Plans are to go out in DC tonight with some friends.

1/2 c. Light & Fit Vanilla Yogurt (55 calories)
1/4 c. granola (115 calories)

1 Morningstar Griller Vegan Burger (100 calories)
1 slice swiss cheese (110 calories)
Lean Cuisine Asiago Cheese Tortellini (270 calories)
1 Tbs. Trader Joe's White Bean and Basil Hummus (30 calories)

Afternoon snack:
1 c. Light & Fit Vanilla Yogurt (110 calories)
1/4 c. granola (115 calories)

1/2 c. brown rice (150 calories)
1 c. Trader Joe's Seafood Blend (120 calories)
1 Tbs. Stir-Fry sauce (25 calories)

1/2 Caesar Salad (130 calories)
1/2 vodka/Diet Coke (30 calories)

Total calories for the day: 1,360

Wii Fit-20 minutes (-105 calories)



  1. Good job! I think you have the perfect mindset for this. You're not being unreasonable about letting yourself enjoy things, yet you're cautious. =)

  2. very nice! That is a huge loss for your first week, don't get discouraged when the loss slows down, because it will! hang in there take it one day at a time :) love ya

  3. you always loose the most weight in the first week or so, a lot of it is water weight from your body getting adjusted to the healthier foods, it will probably even out in a few more weeks and a steady 1-2 pounds a week is what you should be expecting.
    im very proud of you. i need to start doing this.